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SI Analytics

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A.B. Data Consultant (Pvt. Ltd.)


DayZero Water LLC

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Yayasan Plan International Indonesia/Plan Indonesia

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Please follow these guidelines to submit your application.
  1. About SAFE STEPS D-Tech Awards

The SAFE STEPS D-Tech Awards is created by Prudence Foundation and supported by humanitarian partner: IFRC, technology partner: AWS, and strategic partner: e27, for its 2023 edition. The Awards looks to find, fund and support technology solutions which aim to protect and save lives before, during or after natural disasters.

The SAFE STEPS D-Tech Awards was created out of the belief that technological innovation has a significant role to play in improving disaster preparedness, recovery and resilience. With the increasing threats of climate change resulting in more intense and frequent disasters across the world, the need to generate awareness, build resilience and support solutions that mitigate or respond to disasters has never been greater. This need is especially magnified in Asia-Pacific where half of the world's natural disaster events occur. In addition to the impact on human lives, countries in this region are left to bear the staggering economic costs of disasters. Despite this significant need, there is still a lack of financial and non-financial support to help viable solutions reach scale and maximize impact in this space.

Now in its third edition, the Awards looks to continue its work in catalyzing a network of support, raising awareness of the sector, and helping the remarkable companies that operate in this space grow and scale.

In partnership with e27, this year’s D-Tech Award will be leveraging e27’s TOP 100 Awards’ platform, leading to the finalist showcase at the Echelon Summit 2023, the leading technology event in Asia that brings together technology entrepreneurs, companies and investors for opportunities across Asia’s emerging markets and ecosystem.

  1. What is D-Tech (Disaster Tech)?

D-Tech (Disaster Tech) aims to protect and save human lives and livelihoods before, during or after natural disaster events. It refers to new technology or existing technology, used innovatively, to improve resilience against natural disaster events.

The SAFE STEPS D-Tech Awards focuses on technology that can be applied either as a disaster-focus product or as part of the value chain that supports disaster early warning, preparedness, prevention, mitigation, relief, response or recovery.

D-Tech solutions can include technologies that enhance scale and efficiencies in disaster resilience, as well as other forms of technological innovation (e.g. in chemistry, mechanical).

  1. Who can apply?

Any startup, existing company or organization, whether it is for-profit or non-profit, from across the world can apply.

Applicant must be legally registered organization with proof of business or non-profit registration.

The Competition is not limited to just tech organisations; organisations using technology to scale the impact of their efforts in disaster management can also apply. For example, the technology solution is part of the value chain to enable scale or efficiency, or innovative products that help build disaster resilience.

However, we do not accept applications that are ideas only. There needs to be a demonstratable product in place, be it in prototype, pilot or production stage.

  1. What are the Rewards and Recognition?

The shortlisted applications, semi-finalists and finalists will receive the following Rewards and Recognition worth more than USD 205,000 in value.

Cash Prizes

In-kind Prizes


Top 20

  • Mention in e27 and SAFE STEPS D-Tech website

  • Opportunity to join e27contributor program

Top 10


USD 1,000 each

Membership at AWS Startup Ramp programme, that provides up to USD 1,000 each in AWS cloud credits

  • Mention in e27 and D-Tech website)

  • Exclusive access to Coaching and Mentoring with top leaders in the industry

Top 5 Finalist

USD 3,000 each as travel subsidy to attend Echelon in SG

Membership at AWS Startup Ramp programme, that provides up to USD 10,000 each in AWS cloud credits (including USD 1,000 from the Semi - Finalists round)

Echelon Summit 2023:

  • Pitching slot

  • Awards presentation

  • Exhibition booth

  • 5x Business matching

  • 10x delegate passes

  • 2x post event articles

Others :

  • Video production for each finalist

  • Press Release

  • Social media shout out


USD 50,000

1st Runner Up

USD 30,000

2nd Runner Up

USD 20,000

Consolation x2

USD 12,500 each


USD 150,000 (cash)

Up to USD 55,000 in AWS cloud credits

  1. If I apply for TOP100 competition organized by e27, can I still apply for D-Tech Awards? Can I join both?

Yes you can apply to both TOP100 and D-Tech Award.

  1. Is D-Tech part of TOP100?

We are separate programs on its own, with its own coaching, mentorship, and pitching session.

  1. I’m a non-profit, can I apply

Yes, we accept both non-profit and for-profit organizations to apply.

  1. How do I apply?

SAFE STEPS D-Tech Application is open from 2 February 2023 to 15 March 2023, early registration is also welcome

Interest applicants can apply via: [LINK]

The application form requires you to provide information about your organisation and your D-Tech solution:

  • Overview and Summary of the startup and its solutions

  • Startup or organization profile

  • A description of the product or solution, including how it addresses the problem, disaster-related challenges and its unique features and benefits

  • What stage of disaster that the solution is addressing: pre, during, post disaster

  • Marketing and sales strategy, including its target market and go-to-market plan

  • Vision / ambitions

  • Team information: A description of the management team, including bios of key team members and their relevant experience and qualifications

  • Fundraising information (if applicable)

Please note that applications are accepted in English only.

  1. What time zone would the event be?

All activities including pitching, coaching and mentorship session is conducted in APAC time zone.

  1. What is the judging criteria?

The application will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Solution or Product Concept – e.g. how does the product/solution save lives and/or livelihoods, what is the social impact of the solution, etc.

  • Problem statement / Market size – e.g. what problem is it the solution trying solve, how does it enhance disaster resilience, where and what is the size of the market, etc.

  • Technology readiness – e.g. how easy is to be deployed.

  • Relation to disaster – e.g. it the solution targeted for pre, during or post? Is it related to preparedness, prevention, relief, response or recovery. How novel, innovative or disruptive is the solution?

  • Organization fit – e.g. leadership profile, business model, organization structure etc.

Non-profit organizations are encouraged to apply, with special consideration in the evaluation process.

  1. What is the timeline and how do I know if my startup / organization is shortlisted?
2 February 2023 Call for application opens
*20 March 2023 Application closing date
*31 March 2023 Top 20 Shortlisted Candidates will be notified
*12-13 April 2023 Top 20 Virtual Pitch
*20 April 2023 Top 10 Semi-finalists will be notified
April - May 2023 Coaching and Mentoring sessions for Top 10 Semi-Finalists
*15-18 May 2023 Interviews with Top 10 Semi-finalists
*29 May 2023 Top 5 Finalists will be notified
*29 May – 2 June 2023 Logistics and travel arrangement for Top 5 Finalists to attend Echelon Summit 2023 and set up booths
*15 June 2023 Top 5 Finalists Live Pitch at Echelon / Awards presentation

*Date has been updated

Shortlisted candidates above must be able to join the Virtual Pitch, Interviews and the Live Pitch at Echelon. Non-attendance will be disqualified.

Important Note:

Early submissions are highly encouraged because we can still assist you if you have any questions and it gives you more time to work on your application before the final cut-off date. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

For enquiries, please email to : selma@e27.co or mulan@e27.co tagging [D-Tech Award]